Tired of dirty, smelly, pest ridden trash cans and dumpsters?

We know how to correct the problem
It only takes one bag of trash containing common household items like tissues, napkins, diapers, eggs, raw meat, spoiled milk, and rotting produce to infect your trash bins with harmful bacteria and germs such as Salmonella, E coli, Listeria, and more. It only takes hours for bacteria to multiply by the thousands. And, it only takes one single touch to potentially become infected.
Visit Our one-of-a-kind sanitizing truck arrives the same day as your local trash company.
Clean Using pressurized water heated to over 185 degrees, we sanitize your bin or dumpster killing 99% of all germs and bacteria.
Disinfect We then spray an odor neutralizer leaving behind an fragrant aroma.
Deodorize We take all the germs and dirty water with us in our self-contained cleaning unit. The result is a cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized bin or dumpster.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Bin Cleaners


What areas do you service?
We currently service the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.


How often should bins be cleaned?
For the best results and most cost effective, we recommend that you get your bins and dumpsters cleaned monthly.


Do you offer one time cleans?
We do offer one time cleaning – starting at $45 for two bins, each additional bin is $10.
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